Champions League final is set: Aramis SE-Mad Dogs – Juventus Sibiu

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25 September 2016

In the first match of the semifinals, Aramis SE-Mad Dogs faced FC Boromir Sunday afternoon. Both teams started in a positive manner, but it was Hungary’s Aramis who grabbed the lead in the 9th minute.

After the goal, the teams played a well-balanced first half with both teams having a handful of chances. Aramis kept the 1:0 lead until the end of the first half. The Hungarian team started the second half in an offensive manner, and quickly widened the gap by Gábor Boznáncky’s 25th-minute goal.

With five minutes left on the clock, FC Boromir had a very slim chance of proceeding to the final, but Cristian Ciobanu’s ball finally found the back of the Hungarian net, making it 2:1. But Aramis stood strong and kept the one-goal lead until the final whistle, becoming the first team to secure a place in the final of the first ever EMF Champions League.

“I’m very happy now! It was tough, but I think we were the stronger team this time, and won the match. All the teams are very tired now, but if we win the next match, we will be the first ever Champions” said Dániel Kiprich after his team’s victory.

Next on the pitch were MAV Continental against Juventus Sibiu. Juventus Sibiu made a bright start as Claudiu Vlad opened the scoring in the 6th minute. They had a chance to widen the gap, when Juventus Sibiu was awarded a penalty in the 12th minute, but the shot was blocked by MAV Continental’s goalkeeper.

Just before the half-time whistle, Juventus Sibiu scored another goal, making it 2:0. After several eventless and goalless minutes MAV Continental’s Lucian Gavriluta grabbed his team’s first goal of the game.

With the scoreline sitting at 2:1 with only one minute to go, MAV Continental desperately needed a moment of magic. But Juventus Sibiu kept the lead; therefore they will face Aramis SE-Mad Dogs in the final.