Double Pride for Greece!

The Greek Minifootball Team is strongly linked to its sponsors and there are many activities that take place continuously during the year and are powered by them.

One of those sponsors is OB – Orphee Beinoglou, well known as Orbit in Europe and it is the biggest Greek Company and one of the biggest in Eastern Europe in the sector of logistics. The Commercial Director of the Company, Mr. Stelios Katsamakis spoke about the reasons that pushed his company to support the Greek Team.

“Our support to the most pure part of the sports sector, the amateur sports, meets our philosophy as a Company. The Greek Team has made us feel proud in the past and every year we feel more and more proud for its presence and general performance. The financial problems in Greece create a very difficult atmosphere in the market, but we try to  help the development of Minifootball and of the National Team, which obviously is an added value for the Greek amateur sports. It is an amateur team that works on professional level”.

“The international promotion of minifootball and of the National Team is a very important fact and this basically comes through the European Minifootball Championship. We feel very proud for supporting this team and of course it is very important for us that our logos are linked to the Greek Team’s colors and to the whole story behind them.”

“There are some common characteristics between Orbit and the Greek Team. We both play fair, clean, with a team orientation and in a dynamic way. This the philosophy of my company and same happens for the Executives of the Greek Team too. We both represent our country on National and International level. Playing in the European Minifootball Championship and offering services in Europe and Balkans are both part of a constructive extroversion. At the end, we both perform on top level and we bring great results, and we gain the respect of our environment. The first two common characteristics are definitely part of our DNA and the last one is the result of a correct and dynamic team effort and participation”.