EMF Champions League was an amazing experience!

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07 November 2016

Kamil Bendkowski is one of the best defenders of Polish minifootball. After winning Nike Playarena League Championship in 2016, he got a chance to play in EMF Champions League and is looking to achieve more in 2017.

How have you got involved into minifootball in first place? Kamil Bendkowski: All the credits go to my friend, Lukasz Adamski, with whom I had been training 11-a-side football before, in my junior times. Few years ago he proposed me to play in one local minifootball tournament, and now – here we are, winning Nike Playarena League championship in Flying Cater-Group team.

Exactly, your team won NPL championship this season and you were an indispensable part of the team – the title of the best defender in one of preliminary tournaments is the best proof for that. It was a successful season for you, was it not?

Yes, definitely. Comparing it to last year, our team developed significantly – we were way better on the football pitch, but also, organisational matters were taken care of in a very professional way. But still, I do not feel utterly satisfied. We had two other aims: to win Fortuna Polish Cup and to achieve something in EMF Champions League – unfortunately, we failed to do that.

Yes, your team together with Glora Vicits Warszawa had the honour to represent Poland in historical, first edition of EMF CL. What are your feeling about your performance in Maribor?

I am very glad that we had a chance to play in Maribor, because the best of the best were competing there and it is a thoroughly valuable experience. We lacked calmness, courage and a little bit of luck to achieve something more in Maribor. Several years ago I would not think that minifootball will be played on such a high level. Our performance in EMF Champions League is undoubtedly a beautiful experience and a priceless lesson.

Have you noticed a huge difference between Polish minifootbal and the best teams from other countries?

Our national league is developing in such pace, that in one, maybe two years EMF Champions League Championship should be in within our reach. Besides individual skills I noticed that  the key to success is sticking to your tactical plan, and we surely have to work on that.

And what is your team’s plan to reach the best of the best and try to win EMF Champions League next year?

I cannot reveal too much, but for sure we want to devote ourselves more to our team. It will not be just a group of friends playing football together, not anymore.

At the end, one personal question. You were called up for national team duty this year, but you could not show up because of your job schedule. But Polish National Minifootball team is surely not a closed chapter for you, is it?

Yeah, that was unfortunate, but playing in Polish National Minifootball team next year would be a great honour to me. I hope I will get another chance and I will prove myself worthy of it.