EMF decision on postponed matches

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23 September 2015
miniEURO 2015

After heavy rain caused the suspension of 7 matches and also damage at the pitch regarding electricity,the EMF executives spent several hours to find the best solution, taking many options into consideration, and came up with the solution that is most fair.

It was decided that the best option is to keep tomorrow’s schedule and play the suspended 7 games on Friday morning. EMF believes that by doing so it want have a real effect on the fairness of the competition and also will minimize lhe problems of changing all the games tomorrow (media, organization, tournament managing).

So the Last 16 will move to Friday afternoon and evening which means that the teams that were suspended today, might have to play two games that day while their opponent might play only one.

As the tournament needs to be finished on Saturday, because many teams leave on Sunday morning, the quarter-, semi and final will all be played on Saturday as it was in beautiful Crete two years ago.

EMF also took into consideration to give each single team the most possible rest time so the schedule was changed slightly on final day as every hour is more important when the teams have three matches.


Good luck to all of you!