EMF Executive Committee prepare for 2018

Last Thursday EMF executive committee met in Budapest to discuss and prepare the plans for 2018. The executive committee members were also joined by EMF newly appointed Chief Operations Officer, Jakub Štefek from Czech Republic. As an experienced sports events organizer and former leader of the Czech national team, Štefek will assist the EMF management in executing its operational plans and overseeing the federation’s events.

The executive committee finalized EMF’s plans, strategy and budget for 2018 which will be presented to the general assembly in February 23rd. Another important step was finalizing an official contract and agreement between the EMF and the WMF (World Minifootball Federation) which will formalize the relationship between the two biggest international minifootball organizations. EMF president Dávid Tibor and WMF president Filip Juda, signed the contract in front of the Hungarian parliament.

This week the EMF management will make final decision regarding EMF EURO 2018. An EMF delegation will visit Kiev and finalize discussions with Kazakhstan minifootball association, in order to make final decision and announcement on Friday, January 26th. Stay tuned for the exciting news.