EMF Nations Games Kickoff in Slovakia

The EMF Nation Games is a new competition launched by EMF that will take place every two years. Following the decision to rotate each year between the WMF World Cup and EMF EURO, the Nations Games will be an international competition that will be played at the same year of WMF World Cup with several regional 4 team competitions across Europe.

The 2019 Nations Games will kickoff on 8th of May, 2019 in Galanta, Slovakia some of Minifootball’s strongest teams; Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and England. Galanta will be the first European city to host the a event and Slovak minifootball association president, Peter Králik is very excited about it: “I´m happy to host this new project of EMF in Slovakia. We are excited to welcome one of the best teams from the world and expect the very best minifootball. I believe all minifootball lovers will not miss the opportunity to watch all matches live. It will be one great tournament ahead of WMF World Cup in Australia”
Peter Králik, Slovak Minifootball Association President

In addition to the host country, 3 of minifootball’s strongest teams will participate and test their squads for the WMF World Cup that will take place in October in Australia:
-Czech Republic (Acting World and European Champions)
-England (4th place from EMF EURO 2018)
-Hungary (3rd place from EMF EURO 2017)

Part of the EMF Nations Games tournament is also the Special Olympics match, Slovakia’s representatives, who will meet with normal athletes. We will witness that even in small football, there may be an inclusion between healthy athletes and athletes with mental disabilities.

Galanta, Slovakia

President of World Minifootball Federation Filip Juda will also attend the tournament. All matches will be broadcasted by the national television of Slovakia.

Matches program 8.5.2019:

09:00 England – Czech Republic

10:00 Special Olympics

11:30 Slovakia – Hungary

13:00 Slovakia – England

14:00 Czech Republic – Hungary

15:30 England – Hungary

16:30 Czech Republic – Slovakia