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EMF Vice President Visits The UK For Meeting

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23 July 2014

The Offices of the UK Minifootball Association (UKMA) played host to a very special guest today when the President of the World Minifootball Federation (WMF), Filip Juda, arrived for a meeting which could shape a number of events in the future of the sport.

Talks lasted more than five hours and amongst the range of topics on the agenda for discussion conversation were the UKMA’s role in the world game – the World Minifootball Federation was actually formed at an historic summit at UKMA HQ in 2013.

Mr Juda, from the Czech Republic was on a whistle-stop visit to England, having recently been in Brazil at the World Cup. As well as his role as President of the WMF, he is also the vice President of the European governing body, so the miniEURO in Israel was also a topic of conversation, as thoughts to the showpiece event in Eilat this November.

UKMA spokesman Alex Young said that the organisation was delighted to welcome Mr Juda and added: “It was a productive meeting, with plenty of things talked about in the course of the informal conversation; at the UKMA we are delighted to play such a prominent role in the development of Minifootball on this continent and beyond. It is important that these face-to-face discussions take place – whilst we are regular contact, there is no substitute for being able to meet personally.”