EMF, as the minifootball governing body at European level, has the purpose to promote, supervise and direct minifootball in Europe, as a means to contribute to the positive development of society.

The Objectives of EMF shall be to:

a) promote the practice of minifootball in Europe for example by educating and training referees and coaches, support of teams, support for minifootball for disabled people or by raising funds and to control the organisation of international competitions in Europe, both for national teams and club teams only for amateur players;

b) archive and make public the results of all international competitions taking place in its territory;

c) represent the interests of its members before the authorities, the other sport federations, the media and the public on European level;

d) organise, promote and conduct at the European and international level competition activities, tournaments, championships and nations’ cups for all sport categories;

e) establish rules for practising and organizing the sport activities within EMF;

f) identify, promote and consolidate procedures, practices and methods for development of minifootball in Europe;

g) represent to all international institutions and liaise with other organizations sharing similar aims and objectives;

h) assist its Members in strengthening the capacity building and their position at the national level;

i) undertake in close co-operation with the national organisations, associations/ federations, and respecting their prerogatives, any activity of common interest likely to encourage the development of minifootball at all levels and in all parts of Europe;

j) support the establishment and the activity of the minifootball associations/federations in every country with a view to promote minifootball at the local, national, European and international level;

k) promote the minifootball as a tool for health-enhancing physical activity, development, equal opportunities education, training, social inclusion and integration through sport and combating discrimination in sport;

l) encourage adult minifootball participation in female, disabled and BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) groups;

m) contribute to the development of the European dimension in grassroot sport, based on its social, health and community benefits, by promoting fairness and openness in sporting competitions and by protecting the physical and moral integrity;

n) promote dialogue and exchange of best practices in the existing cooperation framework, as regards racism and xenophobia;

o) develop specific services for its Members, and provide them with assistance, training and support;

p) encourage young people’s volunteering in sport;

q) ensure the reintegration of professional athletes into the labour market at the end of their sporting careers;

r) establish quality criteria for sport facilities;

s) develop cooperative partnerships at the European and international level;

t) fight against raising performance levels through the administration of forbidden substances such as doping, any kind of corruption, bribery or undue influence, including receiving, offering or accepting any kind of undue advantages or gifts, shall be subject to sanctions pursuant to the EMF regulations;

u) improve efficiency and effectiveness of the functioning of the national and European institutions in sport field;

v) establish rules for practising and organizing the sport activities.