Pots for EMF EURO group stage draw

EMF tournament committee has announced the pot seeding for the EMF EURO 2018 groups stage draw that will take place in Ukranian Football Federation headquarters in Kiev, on Friday at 13:00 CEST.

20 teams will play EMF EURO this year in 4 groups of 5 teams, that will enable the participating countries to play more matches in the group stage. The pot seeding were decided according to the EMF national team ranking with the exception of Ukraine, the host country being seeded in the 1st pot.

Pot 1: Czech Republic, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine
Pot 2: Hungary, Kazakhstan, Montenegro, Spain
Pot 3: England, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Serbia
Pot 4: Turkey, Italy, Israel, Ireland
Pot 5: Austria, Belgium, Albania, Azerbaijan

Preparation for the draw ceremony in Ukrainian football federation conference room