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England Manager: Important Announcement

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23 January 2015

The UKMA can today announce that Mark Staines is no longer the manager of the manager of the England 6 a side football team.

The Manchester based manager took over in the Spring of 2014 and led the team to its ultimately unsuccessful miniEURO2014 campaign in Montenegro when the team lost three of its four matches, before being knocked out to the hosts in the second round.

Now, the UKMA board has decided to replace Staines.

A spokesman said in a statement: “It was stressed to Mark at the interview that we wanted a new, more European style of play to be adopted in order that the England team could compete on a more innovative basis than the team pattern that hasn’t worked in the last couple of years.

“We were under pressure from sponsors and benefactors to improve the spectacle and bluntly, that didn’t happen.

“That means we have got to make the change in order that we are able to find a Team Manager to implement the ideas that are needed to enable us to win things.”

In the interim period Team Director Paul Darke will perform Managerial duties and Mark Staines’ Assistant Gary Thomas has been asked to stay on, although he has not yet accepted this offer at this stage.

There is no doubt that Mark Staines is a tremendous coach with much to offer in small sided football, he has been offered the chance to remain as a consultant. The UKMA would like to thank him for his efforts over the last months, whether or not he decides to stay on.

The UKMA will make further announcements in due course.