EMF project approved by the European Union

EMF president, Dávid Tibor, returned last weekend from Brussels after a successful meeting with the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Sport team, where the EMF was officially accepted to the Not-for-Profit EU sport events, collaborative partnerships program.

After the successful meetings attended by Dávid Tibor and EMF executive secretary Krisztina Szeles, EMF president was very pleased and optimistic about EMF future: “This is a very big step for the EMF. Europe’s most important institutions, the European Union and European Commission now recognize the contribution EMF and minifootball for increasing physical activity through sports among people from different age groups and backgrounds”.

The EU funded project will involve minifootball teams from all over Europe and will start rolling out later this year. “The full details of the program will be presented to the EMF general assembly in Budapest later this month and I am sure our members will be excited as I am about it”, Tibor explained and added: “I am sure 2018 will be a fantastic year for EMF with successful events and more importantly development of minifootball on the European level.”