EURO 2017 Draw Results

When all journalists, guests and EMF representatives took their chairs, strange silence was in the air. In the next upcoming moments all speculations and thoughts will be pointless as all 24 teams will know their place, their group, their opponents.

After nice presentation of hosting city – Brno and welcoming words from both European Minifootball Federation and World Minifootball Federation Presidents, Mr. David Tibor and Filip Juda, tgere was only one thing remaining. To get 24 balls from 4 pots and place them in to 6 groups. Mr. David Tibor was talking about minifootball and its message where Mr. Juda has added some updates from organisation side point of view.

Now we all know that this summer will bring many interesting clashes right from the start. For example, defending chapions from Kazakhstan will face in Group D Romania, Greece and Portugal. Very strong is the Group C where Russia was joined by Spain, Slovakia and Turkey. Home Czech Republic team will compare its strenght with Hungary, Israel and Latvia. “Group of neighbours”. Thats how we can call Group E where places has been given to Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Italy.

Right after the draw ceremony, interesting press conference has been set up for media and last questions were raised. But another will come in couple of weeks time, when this whole minifootball celebration start. Good luck to all teams!

EMF Euro 2017 draw:

Group A: Czech Republic, Hungary, Israel, Latvia

Group B: Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine

Group C: Russia, Spain, Slovakia, Turkey

Group D: Romania, Kazakhstan, Greece, Portugal

Group E: Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Italy

Group F: Croatia, Slovenia, France, Belgium

EMF Executive leadership at the draw: General secretary Attila Takacs (ROM), President Dávid Tibor (HUN), Head of Legal Andrea Moldar (HUN), Vice President Filip Juda (CZE), Executive Committee Member Peter Kralik (SLO)