EMF EURO 2018 is coming to Kiev

On Friday February 23rd EMF announced in Budapest that the European national championship, EMF EURO 2018 will take place in Kiev in 12-18 August.

Ukrainian minifootball association together with the city of sport complex in Kiev will host the event after signing an agreement with the EMF. The city of sports complex is located on island in the center of Kiev next to one of the city’s largest entertainment and leisure areas. The city of sport includes a beach soccer stadium, and minifootball stadium, 2 minifootball training pitches and all the necessary facilities needed for hosting sports events including 12 dressing rooms.

The upcoming EMF EURO will be the first time the event will take place in internationally known city. Kiev, the capital of Ukraine with a population of over 3 million is one of the largest cultural, industrial and scientific centers of Eastern Europe. Kiev will also host the UEFA Champions League 2018 final in May and this was one of the factors that helped EMF decide to go for Kiev.

Dávid Tibor, EMF president was very happy to conclude the hosting of EURO 2018, “I am excited that for the first time EMF EURO will be hosted in such a big city known all around the world. It is a big step for EMF and minifootball. After we saw the venue, we are confident that the event will be in highest level and will be a great experience for the players, spectators in Kiev and of TV all over Europe.”

The draw ceremony and match scheduling will take place in the first week of April. Stay tuned!