Exciting games to look forward to tomorrow morning

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24 September 2016

At half past 5, the last 16 teams of the EMF Champions League took the fields to compete for the right to be named as one of the best 8 minifooball clubs in Europe.

The stakes were high, all the teams started their respective matches on a serious note. At the end of the day, Restaurace U Peck were one of the first teams to secure one of the places by defeating Florgrade 6:1.

MAV Continental overcame FC Letka at the end of an exciting game, which ended 2:1, granting the Romanian side to proceed. Sairan’s 4:2 victory over Dadi Export allowed the Kazakhstan team to put their names on tomorrow’s schedule as well.

ECOS showed their true strength once again as they overcame Moldova’s InterDnestrCom at the end of a thrilling 2:1 match. Hungary’s Aramis SE-Mad Dogs’ 24th-minute goal against Polimark Unisol Group was enough to grant them a place between the best 8 teams; the match’s final score was 1:0.

At the end of another intense match, Zamm got knocked out of the Champions League by Romania’s FC Boromir. Both sides had found the back of the net several times during the action-packed 40 minutes. With the final 4:3 result, FC Boromir was given the chance to prove their power tomorrow again.

Just like Romania’s other team, Juventus Sibiu, who secured their place between the best 8 teams after beating local Silvija Trade 5:2. But locals will still have a chance to support a Slovenian team tomorrow, as NK Kapela secured a place for themselves when they overcame Hungary’s Szigetszentmiklós 2:0 this evening.