Expansion of the Serbian Minifootball Association

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30 November 2015

It is fantastic news that the popularity of the minifootball in Serbia is on the rise.

With the recent joining of the teams competing in two cities, Cacak and Sabac, Serbian Minifootball Association is richer not only for the two new members but for another 40 teams and 600 members who embrace and enjoy the game.

The two Leagues from Belgrade, the Business League Belgrade and the Bank & Insurance League, now face a fierce opposition in their fight for the title and chance to represent Serbia in the next European Championship in Hungary.

Best of luck to the new teams in the competition and sincere thanks to the Leagues organisers in the cities of Cacak and Sabac for their understanding and support. Joining the Association will benefit the leagues and elevate the quality of the game. We expect it to be a prime example to the other cities around the country of the importance of joining in and develop the mini football in Serbia. Raising the bar of quality in domestic leagues will help Serbia be a more serious contender in the international competitions.

After all, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.