Farmaprim Braves The Freezing Cold To Win Trophy In Moldova

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16 January 2013
Moldova Moldova   

It doesn’t matter if it -20 C, the minifootball championship 2012 in Moldova, still managed to be completed. On 22 of December 2012 on the new constructed Sport Facility “CITYARENA” that was made specially for Minifootball Championship with partnership of Moldavian Minifootball Association, hosted the grand final.


Fittingly the match was between two of the best teams in the country. The Farmaprim Team, which made it to the final without any losses in the Championship. They also had the top goal scorer of championship in Veaceslav Sofroni. In addition they included Moldavian Internationals Oleg Soimu and Alexander Slavinschi as well as the President of Moldavian Minifootball Association, Eugeniu Ciobu.

The second team to contest the final was Viking Sport Club Team. They too had some international talent, with National Team players Alexander Dadu, Alexandr Cucovei , Dumitru Ciumac best goal scorer of the team, Frosinean Marcel all in their ranks.


Farmaprim defeated Lex Garant and Eagles in the play-offs, while opponents Viking beat  AITA and FC Premier. Both teams were highly motivated to win the final and come to the match very prepared.

The game started with an early strike from Eugeniu Ciobu and after that plus three unanswered goals from Farmaprim, but to the intermission the score was 4 : 1. However Vikings started the second half in very aggressive style. When Viking, made the score 5-4 with a goal Frosinean Marcel, it looked like a comeback was to be completed. However, by scoring three more goals, Farmaprim became the Champions.


The Cup was gratefully taken by the owner of Farmaprim Mr.Borziac Ion, a true friend of sport and especially of minifootball. As he said the cup will decorate his office and he is hoping to see more cups in the future.

The President of Moldavian Minifootball Association Eugen Ciobu thanked all the teams and invited them for the next editions of Minifootball tournaments. Also he announced that in the beginning of spring 2013 there will be Cup Tournament and AMFM will choose players for National Team of Moldova Training Camp.

As the tradition in EuroMiniFootball the games between amateurs are games between friends.

Next Championship will begin in March 2013, preparing to host more teams because interest to Minifootball is growing each year.