First Ever Serbian Minifootball Crown

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06 June 2015
Serbia Serbia   

The day for the first winner of Serbian Minifootball is tomorrow. The final tournament will be held on 7th June 2015 in Belgrade and the winning team will be crowned as champion for the season 2014/2015 and will have great opportunity to send players to the European Championship in Croatia.

The top four fighting teams for the glory and their spot in history come from the Banks and Business Leagues. They secured their place in the final tournament by coming on top throughout the Autumn and Spring seasons.

There has been an enormous interest in Serbia for minifootball. This interest touches the hearts of players and supporters, and the event promises to be a great step for the sport.

All the participant teams are excited and will do their best to win and have the possibility to send players to represent Serbia at the European Minifootball Championship in September 2015. It worth saying that the fair play spirit is very high and regardless the winner,many promise to travel in Croatia, no matter if they play or if they support from the tribunes.

Organizers are looking forward to a fantastic tournament, the first of its kind in Serbia, and make it a day to remember. Many fans from all over country are expected to come and write history together!