Greek Keeper Loving Life In London

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12 November 2015

Paschalis Xanthos, the goalkeeper of the Greek National Team that was in the squad in 2013 and 2014 trying a completely new experience this year in London. He used to play for several years in Athens, in Amigos FC team, but since he moved in the UK and is living in London.

Even after moving he could not stop playing minifootball. The UKMA offered him the chance to play with the Individuals and he will be chosen soon by one team of the regular season in London since his talent and value is undoubtable.

The Greek goalkeeper aims to return to the National Team in 2016 and has already started the hard work for this. The competition is big, he knows it very well and at the same time he is good friend with all the other goalkeepers that have the same goal from 2013 until today. He mentioned several times in social media that his absence from the miniEURO 2015 was an experience that he does not want to live again even if he was active supporter of the team.

Paschalis is amazed by the huge participation of teams in London and tries to get used to the new minifootball habits in the UK, since there are some rules that are not the same as in the Greek Championship, like for instance the use of feet, the move only inside the square and of course the size of the goals. Minifootball adopts the traditional rules of each country and it is true that England is one of those that have special differences, however the love and passion for this sport is always the same everywhere.