Groups are set for the start of ECL and ESCL

Marking the beginning of this year’s edition of EMF Champions League and Seniors Champions League in Slovenia, all 16 groups and 3 senior groups are now set for the start of the four-day event.

All teams from the participating 21 European countries gathered this evening in the ceremonial hall of Hotel Toplice for the exciting opening ceremony and draw. Teams were welcomed by EMF President Mr. Dávid Tibor, and by Mr. Jakub Štefek and Tournament Director Mr. Borislav Aleksandrov on behalf of the organizing team. The process of the draw and the qualification system were explained, as well as EMF announced a new addition to the Champions League, the EMF Development Cup.

The official draw started by putting Isreal’s The Mexican into position A1. After all 64 minfootball teams have found their places in the groups, the draw continued with the EMF Seniors Champions League teams. Here 12 teams from 7 countries were drawn into 3 groups of four.

The first matches of the Champions League will start tomorrow (the 6th of September) at 9 a.m. The senior teams will start to compete on Friday at 2 p.m. for the title.