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15 September 2015
Hungary Hungary   

The Hungarian Minifootball Association was re-founded in July 2015, led by the newly elected president of the association Dávid Tibor and one of the vice-president is Dr. Andrea Molnár.

As a new-born association, the representatives and the managers had to find the best minifootball players first in order to take part in miniEURO 2015. Therefore the association has organised a recruiting tournament for 8 excellent minifootball teams in Hungary on 21st of August.  This tournament took place in Székesfehérvár Sóstói Stadion, and ended with the Budapest team victorious. After that, the professional staff under the direction of Lajos Nagy (the national coach of the Hungarian team) has selected the best players of the tournament.

The first training session of the newly selected Hungarian national team has started on 1st of September in Budapest. The training of the team is led by the national coach and started with a game to get to know each other. The target which they have set for themselves is to integrate all 15 invited players and to find the cooperation between the players in different situations of the game.

The preparation is continued with the first international matches in Slovakia on 12th of September. Bratislava hosted the 3 Nations Cup, in which first time competed the Hungarian team with the Host Country and Austria. The tournament started with Slovakia-Hungary duel. In the first minute the Slovakian team immediately scored a goal and took the lead. After a couple of minutes the Hungarians responded, and controlled the game. Both teams attacked well, and each of the teams had lot of chances. The final score: Slovakia 2-4 Hungary.

The second game of Hungary was with the Austrian team. The scenario was the same as in the first match, Austria was leading after 2 minutes 1-0. A bit later the Hungarian team reacted, started to play calm which was rewarding.  Finally the match ended with a huge Hungarian victory. Hungary 6-1 Austria.

With 2 victories Hungary won the 3 Nations Cup first time in history.

After the tournament the organizers talked about the next year, because they would it to become a tradition it.

The Hungarian minifootball team is playing its next preparation game with the European Champion team on 18th of September in Oradea, Romania.