Hungary Given Plenty Of Christmas Cheer

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15 January 2016
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Hungary have won the Christmas Cup for the first time on 27th of December 2015.

A crowd of 900 spectators – including the Slovenian fans – filled Székesfehérvár’s biggest sportshall to watch the host nation play against Slovakia and Slovenia.

The tournament began with the Hungarian – Slovakian duel. In the first minutes of the match, the Hungarian team attacked the visitor team’s goal with success, after the first half the host nation took the lead, 2-0. In the second half Slovakia responded by Erik Szabo, but could not beat the home team. The final score: Hungary 2-1 Slovakia.

The second match was between Slovakia’s and Slovenia’s teams.  Slovakia started the match well and took the lead. Despite a confident start, they conceded first-half goals from Slovenia to leave themselves a huge task at the break. In the second half Slovakia pressed for an equaliser but couldn’t find a way past the opponent’s defence and the game finished in defeat for them. The final score: Slovakia 1-2 Slovenia

The last game put 8 goals, which gave joy to every spectators. Hungary came out with courage after their first match and glimpsed glory as they took their third goal in the first half. The visitors responded once in the second half, but in the final moments Gabor Csernai powered home his second goal to give Hungary a 7-1 victory and to become the first winner of the Christmas Cup.