Israel: Tel Aviv Teams In Top Form

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15 May 2015
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Weeks before the Israeli national finals, the Tel Aviv teams are looking sharp. After the national title went last year to Project Simo, a team from the City of Netanya, the Tel Aviv teams are determined to bring the title back to the TLV dial code area.

On the weekend some of the city’s top teams played in the Beit Dani stadium in the regional tournaments and look to be in top form. Zenit, Juniors, Ra’anana West, FC Bilu are all looking to be strong contenders to go to the national finals. The National teams players from Tel Aviv are expected to lead these teams both in the regional and national finals, after which the preparations for the MiniEURO will start in July. Depending on their performance in the next weeks, Israeli national team coach, Victor Hadad, will decide who will join the training in July.

The top players will have a small dilemma, on one hand they will want their clubs to win and go forwards but on the other hand they will want to impress the national team coach with their individual skills. The upcoming weeks will determine which Tel Aviv teams will go forward to the final and which players will get a call for the national team. As always in Israel, it will be interesting.