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21 November 2014

Slovenian minifootball team is travelling to Herceg Novi, Montenegro, on Monday, 24th November.

This year the team is stronger, better and even more ready for miniEURO. Slovenians are in group C with European champions Romania, as well as Greece and Lithuania. First, Slovenia will compete with Romania on 27th November at 11am and then with Greece at 5 pm. Next day, 28th November at 1 pm, they will take on Lithuania. All Slovenian matches will be broadcast live on Slovenian sport television program Sport Klub. Slovenian minifootball team this year expects breakthrough from the group stage.

Coach, Branko Kerčmar, is hoping for qualification from the group stages: “Last year we were in very difficult group, since the eventual finalists were from our group. This year I think we can count on one win and breakthrough from the group”.

“I expect we will come home on Sunday with at least one win,” says Captain Peter Pust, who adds: “Our team is good and we will play with all of our hearts”.

Andrej Manfreda, president of Slovenian Minifootball Association says: “Each year we progress, both organisationally and competitively. This year’s goal is to achieve a first win on the miniEURO and to reach the knock-outs stages, while all the while enjoying ourselves as much as we can. 24 recreational teams are an excellent basis for broadening our knowledge and representing the country. We are pleased that in addition of growing number of partners also recognize the possibility of promotion by Government Communication Office. We will represent Slovenia under the brand “I feel sLOVEnia”. This slogan encompasses everything that represents Slovenian Minifootball Association and miniEURO 2014”.

This year players have much better feeling, saying the team is better and more prepared for miniEURO 2014. First, they expect to breakthrough from the group and then classification to the highest spots.

List of players and their statements before the miniEURO 2014:

name and surname nr. playing position STATEMENTS
Peter Pust © 10 defence, attack
Boštjan Preskar 18 defence, midfield /
Jure Kandare 88 midfeild, attack
Nejc Komidar 69 goalkeeper
Andrej Horvat 26 goalkeeper
Darko Zorko 97 midfield, attack
Srečko Kovačec 20 defence, midfield, attack
Damijan Kaučič 41 defence, midfield, attack
Martin Rihtarič 33 defence, attack
Aleksander Belak 31 midfield, attack
Timotej Vršič 12 defence, midfield
Boris Denac 71 goalkeeper
Marko Balažic 24 defence, midfield
Mitja Flisar 89 midfield, attack
Branko Kerčmar 2 coach

We are pleased we gained a new partner, Peak Sport, which is the official outfitter of our national minifootball team, and also of Slovenian Olympic team.

Peak Sport Slovenia: