Vytautas Zemleckas - FC Eagle Team Frega (Lithuania)

We want to show to Europe, that Lithuanians can also play minifootball

Lithuania is a fantastic country which is widly known in sports world for basketball. However, minifootball is the main sport that everyone prefers to play at his free time, as it happens everywhere in the world. Lithuanian Minifootball Association has proved its strong presence during the last years and FC Eagle Team-Frega is the first […] Thursday 15 September 2016 09:22

The Lithuanian Minifootball Winter Tournament Continues

  From December to February is a winter break for many outdoor sports in Lithuania. A lot of amateur sportsmen play ice hockey, Futsal or basketball instead of football. But where no rest for minifootball. Lithuanian Minifootball League (MFL) four years in a row organising Winter MFL 7 aside tournament. Sometimes teams have to play […] Thursday 18 February 2016 14:28
MFL Champions SKK Oniksas

Lithuanian Championship Concludes

  In late November, the third Lithuanian minifootball championships came to an end. The championship began with 14 teams, and the championship was held in the spring – autumm system. In autumn, after agreement reached with the “Sunday Football League“ (SFL), the championship expanded to 15 teams that played in two separate divisions. So at […] Friday 27 November 2015 09:40


The first tournament in the history of the Baltic countries ended of  Estonia victory! 5th September. Vilnius “Fanu Stadium” hosted the Baltic Nations CUP, in which first part competed the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian minifootball national teams. The tournament began with the Estonian – Latvian duel. In the first minutes of the match, the Latvian […] Wednesday 09 September 2015 16:51

The Minifootball Champions League Takes Place In Vilnius

On the 6th June, the Vilnius’ football Fan’s Stadium played host to the Lithuanian MiniFootball Association together with the MiniFootball League organized Champions League final in Vilnius, tournament. It was attended by 12 teams, which represented some of this year’s UEFA Champions League quarter final teams. The groups were drawn and it was revealed that competing in Group “A” […] Wednesday 17 June 2015 15:58

Lithuania Officially Declares Summer To Be Over!

The summer is finally over in Lithuania as their summer minifootball championships are completed. This included the first completed 8-a-side championship called “Summer football league” (VFL) which saw 16 teams participate. In the final battle FK “Dineris” won against FK “Skaidiskes” by a narrow 1-0 margin to be crowned as first champions. Just a week […] Monday 15 September 2014 14:07
lithuanai 1

Lithuania Minifootball Springs Up New Leagues This Spring

Minifootball’s spring in Lithuania welcomed some new championships! Being a small country Lithuania is divided in only 4 regions: Aukstaitija (capital Panevezys), Suvalkija (capital Marijampole), Dzukija (capital Alytus) and Zemaitija (capital Telsiai). Therefore from May of 2014 has started a new championship – Zemaitijos MFL 6×6! It is a fantastic achievement for everyone in Lithuania […] Monday 19 May 2014 11:10

Eagle Team Soars To The Championship In Lithuania

In what is fast becoming a tradition, for the fourth year, the biggest event in Lithuania for amateur minifootball was celebrated last weekend. As it depends, firstly came the Fanu stadium’s supervisors, a little bit later arrived tournament organizers – official partners of EMF in Lithuania, VSI “Mini Futbolo Lyga”, the pretty “Senoji Kibinine” van […] Tuesday 22 April 2014 10:16

Teams Brave The Cold For The Lithuanian Winter Championship

After an impressive month of November when the “Mini Football League” (MFL) has completed first six a side Championship of 2013 and after a grand amateurs football tournament seven a side now, surely, it is the time for a winter holiday? No chance!               MFL Winter championship six a […] Friday 13 December 2013 09:30