Lithuanian Championship Concludes

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27 November 2015
MFL Champions SKK Oniksas


In late November, the third Lithuanian minifootball championships came to an end.

The championship began with 14 teams, and the championship was held in the spring – autumm system. In autumn, after agreement reached with the “Sunday Football League“ (SFL), the championship expanded to 15 teams that played in two separate divisions.

So at the end of the season,  we found  out 3 teams as the CHAMPIONS.

SFL  minifootball A division won FK Uzupis, SFL minifootball  division B won the FK IndEx. The major championships won by SKK Oniksas“. It was a very tough fight took place for who won the second placed medal, with the final game contested by  Megeju Sporto Centras and FK Riese. Before the last round both teams had exactly the same points 37. The fight was not as spirited as was to be expected, 7-2 victory celebration and silver medals were won by FK Riese.

However, in the championship was achieved another very interesting record. Simas Sakaitis – the first player scored 100 goal in the MiniFootball league. Lithuania minifootball association technical partner Joma sport Lietuva“ made special T-shirt with number 100. So this record is the first but in the next seasons we will have more memorable achievement.