Main goal in ECL? To represent our country…

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10 September 2016
Bulgaria Bulgaria   

Bulgaria is one of the Balkan countries that minifootball is number one sport and it is not strange that the country is represented in the EMF Champions League with 8 teams. Atanas Konstantinov Hristov, 26 years old talked to our Media Team about the plans of the Gold Ins.

– How is the preparation going? What are you doing in training regarding upcoming EMF Champions League?

– Our preparation for the EMF Champions League goes pretty smoothly. We do not have currently any trainings – we only play matches. There are hundreds of minifootball teams in Sofia so after the summer holidays we are playing minimum 3 matches per week. We only have wins so far – we do really mean business!

– How many years you play minifootball and how you started this sport?

– I have started with the minifootball 5 years ago. I was playing then at a minifootball pitch near Slavia Stadium in Sofia and my team was “Streltsite” (The Archers). This team still exists, but now I’m in another club – Gold Ins. Actually I trained and played organized football since childhood and I have gone through different clubs – Levski Rakovski, Slavia, Septemvri.

– Playing the EMF Champions League means a lot for an amateur player?

– The most important thing for me is that I will be representing Bulgaria in the ECL in Slovenia. For me and my teammates at Gold Ins it will be an absolutely new and promising experience. It would be interesting to compete with international teams and to see where we are situated in the European minifootball. In Bulgaria we are champions but who knows what would we achieve in Maribor.