Marin Kapela Goes From Strength To Strength

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10 February 2016
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The championships in Marin Kapela, Croatia is celebrating its fifth year.

founded in 2011, at the start it had 10 teams and excellent artificial pitch. The town is on the border of two regions and now plays host to 14 teams in a really competitive local league. It is a high quality competition too, and two players from this championship played for Croatia on Euro 2015.

Joining the Croatian minifootball championship was big step forward for the championship and it drives us to organize the championship better each season, each player is dreaming to wear national jersey and that is why minifootball is so popular in the area.

It is not just international glory, though and players are also to play for the Croatian title or cup is dream of many and everyone who plays wants to qualify to national finals

With each round there is very positive atmosphere and people are enjoying the football.