Media Partners

It is a fact that the EMF and its members attract the attention of the national and global Press, which on a regular basis report on the progress of each national Association (and each Championship), with photo coverage, team and player interviews. To a great extent, the network of communication sponsors plays a great role but the coverage does not end there, as plethora of other media (newspapers, magazines, radios etc) also take interest in the Championship in each country. A carefully designed media plan ensures that the EMF is being promoted in the national and European media. There are two different levels of media sponsorships regarding the EMF:

  1. NATIONAL MEDIA: Each member-state has developed partnerships with some of the top national media (internet, television, radio, press etc) within the country .News coverage of the activities of the National Championships as well as the EMF exists from neutral media (non partners) as well.
  2. EUROPEAN MEDIA: The EMF works towards finalizing centralized media partnerships with top European-wide media. Building partnerships with global or European media offers an opportunity for even greater market penetration.

From those 2 categories, below will be presented all European media partners and these National media partners who offer special services at European level to the EMF.

Media Partners 2013


The complete media plan will be ready for presentation during the first quarter of 2013.