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The knockout games’ plan of miniEURO 2015.

The knockout games’ plan of miniEURO 2015.


The EMF presents the knockout games’ plan of miniEURO 2015.


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Moldova 2012

Moldova 2012

The king kept his crown

Romania has been crowned the first ever miniEURO champion after a thrilling 2-1 victory over Montenegro.

It has the title “1st ever”, as the name “miniEURO” was established some months earlier as the new official name of the EMF European Cup.

The final, which was watched by a crowd of over 3.500 people in the Opera Square of the Moldavian capital, Chisinau, was an exciting affair and a fitting culmination to a three day tournament which showcased all that was best about this fine and sport.

The Romanian team had carried a massive weight of expectation on their shoulders going into miniEURO Moldova 2012, having won European Cups in 2010 and 2011, but dealt with the pressure superbly to win the tournament with a display of calm, intelligent football.

Indeed, they made it double glory, as their star player, 24-year old number seven Adrian Calugareanu was awarded Player of the Tournament.

If Romania’s success had been expected, then Montenegro’s passage to the final was perhaps more of a surprise. During the event, their road to the latter stages was relatively easy and indeed their 7-1 victory over the highly rated England team was, for many, the performance of the weekend.

Other major nations, Germany and Italy were also defeated, although the German’s did have the honour of being involved in a magnificent game. 4-1 up and cruising against Slovakia, they looked set for a place in the quarter finals, but the Slovak’s staged an astonishing comeback, scoring four late goals to run out 5-4 victors.

The tournament had got off to a wet start, with torrential rain in Moldova forcing play on Friday to be suspended, but the remaining two days were blessed with fine sunshine, which enabled all the players to showcase their formidable skills.

Despite the poor weather at the beginning, the President of the European Minifootball Federation, Razvan Burleanu was thrilled with the outcome mentioning: “For three wonderful days we saw all the best of what minifootball has to offer. It was a truly remarkable tournament and minifootball is a truly remarkable sport. One that can be played by anyone, but can still give us events such as this.

“I thank all the officials and teams that made it so special, and also the tremendous crowds that turned up to watch. It is only by events such as this that we can spread even more the most popular sport in the world.”

The 16 teams that took part in this European Minifootball Cup were the following: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Turkey.

Romania 2011

Romania 2011

It was an incredible European minifootball final

Tulcea, a picturesque city which is located in the eastern part of Romania, at the mouth of the wonderful Danube Delta, was the host city of the European Minifootball Cup 2011. It was the 2nd edition of a European Minifootball Cup, as the 1st was held in Bratislava, in Slovakia. Both of them took place before the official founding of the EMF and they were part of the trial procedures that the leading European minifootball national Associations made in order to prepare the establishment of the Federation. The members that participated tried several ideas and improved many thoughts concerning the organizing development of minifootball on European level. Tulcea’s European Minifootball Cup was the last trial, only 4 months before the official creation of the EMF.

Romanian national team won the European minifootball title for the year 2011. In the final match of the three day international tournament, the Czech Republic national team got very close to winning their first European title, only to lose on penalty kicks, 1-2 (3-3 after regular playing time).

The game was controlled by Czech for most of its regular time. However, the Romanian team had a miraculous awakening during the last five minutes, succeeding to even out the table and force the game into penalties.

The visitors achieved a 2-1 lead after the first half-time, mounting to what they believed a secure 3-1 lead only seven minutes to go. Suddenly, the Romanian team got carried out to an astonishing two goal feat by the generous local public who shouted for an incredible comeback. And they lived to see their dreams come true.

The revival had much to do with the excellent performance of Dumitru, who is the all-time scorer at European minifootball championships, with 11 goals in Bratislava, the previous year, and 7 in Tulcea. He succeeded to score the last two regular time goals of this final, which got Romania back on its feet.

On penalty shots, the Romanian goalkeeper Popa – tool under the spotlight, defending his post like a real pro, while the Chech team looked a bit tired after the incredible resurrection of their opponents.

The battle for third place was won by Moldova, 1-0 against the Greek national team.

Frantisek Karaffa (Czech Republic) was voted best player of the tournament, whilst Cristinel Popa(Romania) got the best goalkeeper accolades.

The 7 teams that took part in this European Minifootball Cup were the following: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Moldova, Romania, and Slovakia.