Minifootball in Luxembourg

For the first official edition, the Association Luxembourgeoise de Street Soccer (ALSS) will start on the weekend of the 2nd and 3th of June 2012 till the end of July, the six aside football championship.

This new effort in Luxembourg will have the goal to offer an alternative social activity and a competition at amateur level. The six aside minifootball provides the opportunity to keep in form football players, who are retired or who do not have enough time to practice to regain the feeling of the pitch. Thanks to the ambition that comes from the EMF and the ALSS, their aim is to give everyone the opportunity and the pleasure to participate in a national and international competition.

The championship will start in a form of a tournament of 32 teams. The first 16 will pass to the second phase, in a tournament mode too. The 8 remaining teams will participate in a championship where each team plays against everyone. The team that will get the most points at this championship will be declared champion of the first official edition.

The Luxembourg association has been incorporated in the EMF in order to promote the minifootball in the country.

Indeed, the national team that will be created for the first time will represent the country at the next miniEURO Moldova 2012. About 16 national teams will compete for the pleasure of the spectators and participants. This competition will take place in September.