Minifootball in Moldova started in 2010

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24 March 2012
Moldova Moldova   

Minifootball Association of Moldova was founded in 2010, by three people: Ciobu Eugeniu, Bria Constantin and Bria Feodor. As a result, on the 27th of september 2011 in Chișinău the first Minifootball Championship of Moldova began.

Currently minifootball is played only in the capital city of Chisinau but in 2012 Minifootball Association of Bălți city was created, which will also be a part of the National Association.

In the first year of the association’s founding, the National Team of Moldova participated in the second edition of the European Minifootball Championship and the result was 3rd place.

In Moldova this new sport is developing rapidly with big steps and in the future major changes will be seen if we take into consideration that Chișinău will be the host city in September of the most important minifootball competition in Europe.