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New Croatian Manager: The First Interview

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30 April 2015

Yesterday we brought you the news that Croatia had appointed a new boss, with Tvrtko Μočibob taking charge. Here, in his first interview, he outlines his plans and talks about the pressure of managing the miniEURO hosts.

First of all we congratulate you on your appointment to the position of the menu where you replace Daniel Kneževića, who has been in his position for two years and led the national team to the second place, what are your impressions of him?

Thank you for the congratulations,

Daniel is a great man and a coach and it was a great pleasure to play for the national team under his leadership. I hope he will find free time and help me with some advice to make as big an impression in miniEuro.

You have already taken a new role, how do you see the national team changing under your reign

I already have my own vision of the game on which I insist, but we will see when the time comes. The only thing you can certainly promise that all who want to play have to leave everything  on the field and always give their best.

What kinds of changes you are planning to introduce? Will there be many changes in the squad?

There will inevitably be some changes in relation to last year, I will decide after all selections, or when I see all the players, but their will certainly be alterations because I know there are a lot of quality players.

Over the weekend you have been scouting games,  where you were watching potential players for the national team, which is the plan of choice of players? How do you envision the preparation?

I saw a couple of very interesting players and they will be invited to a selection of which will be held 9.5. and 10.5.Once I decide that, I will lead the players then we start with the preparations and the Interplay of, covering all positions, breaks etc.

The big thing is the European championship this year in Croatia, but also a lot of pressure on you and the players because the fans certainly expect a great success?

No matter where we play we always aim for the highest podium, and I’ll do my best, so if someone is better we congratulate them.

What about the home support?

I hope it will be a lot of fans and that will carry us from game to game until the final victory.

We wish you every success at the helm of the national team.