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New Venue For The Greek National Finals

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12 May 2015
Greece Greece   

The National Finals of the Greek League, N’Joy UNI-League are coming very soon and for the first time in the history, they will take place out of Athens. The decision was made after considering that it would be a good step to organize at a neutral venue without home teams receiving the support of their fans, as it used to be with the Athenian teams.

The venue where they will take place is one of the nicest urban sport and mountain venues in Greece, called “The Ranch”. It is located in Peloponnese, near Korinthos City. It includes 12 minifootball fields, 1 indoor basketball/volleyball stadium, 2 tennis courts, 2 big pools, and many other sports facilities for the players, while they will stay in wooden houses. The venue is surrounded by an impressive natural environment, since all around there are glorious views of forestry.

The dates will be at the end of May (29-31) and many visitors (more than 1.500 during the weekend) are expected to travel there while many of them will stay at the same facilities with the players. In other words, it is going to be great experiences that will bring minifootball again one step closer to tourism, even if we are talking about National and not International tournament.

The teams that will participate have not qualified yet, but all 16 of them will be known in about 10 days by now. 4 teams will come from Athens, 2 from Thessaloniki, 2 from Iraklio, 1 from Rethymno, 1 from Volos, 1 from Chalkida, 1 from Ioannina, 1 from Lamia, 1 from Patra and still there are 2 open positions for wild cards.

The coach of the Greek National Team Apostolis Gkaifyllias will be there and take his final look at all possible players from all over Greece and will probably finalize his choices for the first round of training. To start with, he will call about 25 players and only half of them will be at the final squad.