One step forward for the Greek & Cypriot Minifootball Association

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11 March 2013
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The Greek & Cypriot Minifootball Association has realized one “digital step” towards its new strategy for the years 2013-2014. As it was mentioned in the past, the creation of an even bigger national plan for the development of minifootball in Greece and Cyprus is always the big target. The new website of the Association, , will help a lot in this direction and the structure of one National Championship plus some affiliated Championships in the 2 countries will become easier to be approached by the audience and by the certified sport facilities. Actually, in this structure, the administration of each sport facility will have a significant role in the operation of the GCMFA.

The new website offers the possibility to all local championships of the country to upload all statistics of their matches, news, pictures etc and in general to become an active piece of the big puzzle. The local champions will qualify in regional playoffs and the goal will be to qualify for the National Finals of the country. Through all this process, the best players will have the possibility to play for the Greek National Team, or for the Cypriot national team and this is a great motivation for them.

Of course, the N’JOY UNI-League, at the moment is still the biggest national Championship including thousand of players all over Greece and the same happens in Cyprus with UNI-League Cyprus. In 2011, 2012 and 2013, these championships were official representatives of Greece and Cyprus. However , in the new plan of the GCMFA, the N’JOY UNI-League will become the TOP affiliated championship and will keep taking place independently of the National Greek Championship.