Planning Underway For The Italian EMF Euro Tilt

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25 November 2015

The Italian national minifootball has resumed its activities in full swing ahead of season 2016, which will culminate in the European newly assigned to Hungary August 21-28 in 2016.

The executive staff has chosen to confirm a few players among those who have been called up for Croatia in 2015, although the first historic victory against Moldova: the staff wants to greatly improve the quality of the game and to finally achieve. This, after all is Italy’s fifth participation, and qualification to the next stage must be the target.

The staff is already looking for skilled athletes all over Italy, and soon there will be the first selections of the players. Despite the absence of actual mini football championships in Italy, the staff is equally confident of assembling a strong team to achieve what it has set itself.

They were confirmed all the major partnerships, including those with suppliers of sports equipment: MG Officine of Livorno for all activities, Alfieri Sport of Campobasso and Colors to Wear of Livorno, which through the brand Givova will wear the Azzurri also for 2016; it has been expanded the managerial staff with the inclusion of new professionals, for a better distribution of tasks.