The Referee Committee will ensure that only high quality Match Officials are used in EMF major tournaments. We will achieve this by our unique Europe wide training programme that ensures that all EMF Match Officials are trained in accordance with our strict criteria. This provides training for skills such as technical ability, fitness, match control etc. The training programme has different stages in relation to the referee’s previous experience. Also, all of our referees are obliged to study the EMF ‘game rules’ to further enhance their high standard of refereeing. This will then ensure that all EMF referees will be the benchmark for all small sided football officiates.

One of the Referee Committees primary objectives is to ensure that we welcome all genders, ethnicities and disabilities to referee for the EMF. It is for this reason that we have developed the ‘Referee Social Objective’ programme which actively seeks to find referees from all social backgrounds.

The Referee Committee is fully focused on ensuring the best game for our players and we believe that this is only attainable by using high standard, dedicated referees.