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12 January 2013
Cyprus Cyprus   

It is not a secret that the Cypriot minifootball Championship has to find solutions in one of its most difficult periods in the last years. The problem is 100% financial, as the main sponsor of the Championship announced that due to the crisis, all its advertising activities are cancelled. This company is one of the biggest commercial / importing companies of the island, however the crisis influenced its strategy. Now, the organizers have started long discussions with some other big companies and searching for the best solution for the funding of the Championship for 2013 and for the future.

Mr. Nikolas Nikolaou, who is the head manager of the Cypriot organization is optimistic and some days ago said to the Cypriot media: “Cyprus is in a new order and crisis changes everything in the local economy. We have to accept it and to find the best solutions considering that nothing is as it was some years ago. However, minifootball is still, and will always be the most popular sport in the country and there are companies that want to invest in it if they are sure that there is a specific business plan. I am optimistic for the future of the Cyprus Unileague Championship but first we have to keep working hard. There is not much time left, as in 2 months, our teams start their first matches…”

It is clear that the whole of Europe is in the middle of the crisis and smaller countries are more influenced by the general situation, as their economy does not have the flexibility of bigger countries. The crisis exists everywhere and sports are not out of it. The big advantage of minifootball is that it is not an expensive sport and that people will not stop playing minifootball even if the situation becomes worse. The example of the countries of Latin America is the best proof that sometimes sport is the solution to big problems.