Slovakia And Hungary Meet In A Friendly

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13 April 2016
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Slovakia will taste the Hungarian atmosphere just 4 and half month before EMF EURO 2016, when they play a friendly game on April 19th at 7pm in Budapest.

The game is seen as vital practice ahead of EMF Euro, which will take place in the Hungarian town of Shezekesfehervar this August.
“We would like to improve in every aspect and it is important for us to play as much friendly games as possible before EMF EURO. The goal is to see the best minifootball players from all around Slovakia in the international match and choose the very best squad for the EMF EURO.”, said Peter Kralik, the General Secretary of Slovak Minifootball Association who believes the final team roster for EMF EURO will be the best in Slovak history.

The game will unusually consists of 4 quarters of 20 minutes in order to ensure everybody will have the opportunity to show the best skills. ”We were happy to get the invitation from Hungary and we believe that there will be as many friendly games as possible before EMF EURO. Last year we enjoyed the 3 Nations Cup in Bratislava, in which Hungary and Austria participated and we believe this summer it will take place again, hopefully with more nations.”, said Kralik.