Spanish Team Selected For MiniEuro As Troll Inn Take The Prize

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19 July 2013

Troll Pub was proclaimed champion of the first edition of the Noja Cup 2013. The Cantabrian team won the final against another highly fancied combo, The Tierruca, by five goals to nil, although in reality the game was closer than the scoreline suggested. Both teams were competitive right from the start of the tournament and were immediately amongst the favourites for the trophy.

Troll Pub and their manager “Carlitos” Fernandez began a new adventure for this team, travel to Greece and represent the colors of  Spain on the island of Crete in the MiniEURO2013

Spain will participate for the first time, but the planning is for the future, now is the time to enjoy and relive in memory the first edition of the Noja Cup 2013. An event which was full of positive things with a great atmosphere, where most of the teams came from across the country, to join in with an event that promises to be a fixture of Spanish sporting life for many years.