Start of the Challenged Cup at Mini4EU Festival

On Monday the 24th of September, the first ever international minifootball Challenged Cup – the first minifootball tournament for mentally challenged players and their teams – started in Székesfehérvár, with the participation of seven teams from four continues.

Hungary is represented in the tournament by four teams, while the Slovenian team came from Košice, the Israeli from Hadera and the Bosnian Herzegovinian team from Novi Travinik. The seven teams were placed into one group and are playing one match against each of the other six teams during the Cup. The best team will be crown at the end of the two-day Challenged Cup tournament, and will became the second Champion of the 10-day Mini4EU Minifootball Festival.

Due to the unfortunate weather the matches were moved indoors, but that didn’t influence the enthusiasm of the teams or the atmosphere of the matches.

The Challenged Cup will continues Tuesday morning at 10 am, and the last matches will be played at 2 pm, before finding the Champion of the first ever international Challenged Cup.