EMF is a nonprofit organization and the highest authority of minifootball in Europe, which covers national federations of minifootball in Europe as well as some non-European countries on the Asian continent. It is a politically neutral organization that seeks to make minifootball a sport for all sections of the population, regardless of age, gender, social status, or physical and mental fitness. EMF is the organizing authority of European Championships and other international competitions.

The aim of the EMF is to promote the development and innovation of minifootball and increase its value in Europe and respectively in some non-European countries, which, due to geopolitical reasons, are not considered as included in another continent for this particular purpose. At national and regional level, the national minifootball associations constitute the EMF, which in turn are represented on an international level through bodies or representatives elected by the General Assembly of the EMF, which is respectively governed by the EMF Executive Committee.

Due to its broad membership basis and plethora of teams, the EMF is also an excellent tool for the presentation and visibility of companies in Europe. Visibility of both a collaborating company’s brand and products/services is offered directly to our members, a purpose for which the Marketing Committee of the EMF generates a number of channels. Excellent relationships and support between the EMF and its partners are essential elements in order to achieve the objectives of the Federation.

Finally, an important question regarding the strategy and the identity of the EMF must be answered: Is it simply an official sports federation or is it more a marketing oriented entity? The most appropriate answer is that the European Minifootball Federation is both. It represents a brand with two sides. For its target groups it is the top institutional organization representing the sport of minifootball. It serves as a large “umbrella”, under which the national championships of the member states are sheltered. This is facilitated through the way the EMF is organized. It has a specific structure and has instituted effective control mechanisms to secure the continuous development of the sport it represents. The second side to the brand of the EMF has to do with its profile towards sponsors and official partners. For them, the EMF serves as a “raw material ” which can be shaped appropriately as to serve their interests as well as a vehicle to reach out to their target groups. The EMF offers limitless advertising options and an opportunity to create customized ways to advertise. Inevitably, the EMF must maintain such a relationship with its sponsors and official partners as their support is vital for the achievement of the goals of the federation.

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