Superliga, Super Football In Czech Republic

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02 June 2016

Czech Minifootball Superliga is one big success. DRFG Superliga malého fotbalu (to give it’s official name) is now in 2nd half of its first season, where eight teams from eight regions (built up by selecting best players from these regional leagues) are playing in classic home/away – autumn/spring system. Top matches from each round are broadcast by Czech biggest sport channel – ČT Sport, National team management has much more information about wide spectre of players playing on top level, interest from sponsor´s site is increasing. But nothing has been built over night. So, how has this all started?

The first time this idea was said was back in 2010 during Committee board meeting in Prague. All effort to replace existing championship by new league model. Between 2010 – 2013 there was “Victory Cup“ , kind of intermediate step on Minifootball evolution towards current level.

At the end of 2014 his was crucial milestone as Management board of Czech Minifootball Association gave a green light to this project. So all preparations have started. Due to promising media support and possible interesting future earnings eight regions joined this League project.

Finally in June 2015 Committee board approved model for first season with eight teams – PrahaBrno, Příbram, PardubiceJihlavaMiloviceMostBlansko.  There was space of only two months between this approval and first match day. Impossible? Not, when you are impassioned and determined…

23.8.2015 – Hostorically first match of „Liga malého fotbalu“ (LMF) took place in Prague (venue Hanspaulka) between Praha and Brno (Praha won on penalties after 1:1 draw in normal time). Match was broadcasted by ČT Sport and this started regular medialization of Minifootball in Czech Republic.

March 2016 – Partner´s contract with investment group DRFG has been signed and league changed name to „DRFG Superliga“.

Present – At this stage there is main topic on table – add more temas to DRFG Superliga and maybe devide them to 2 divisions.

“Popularity of Minifootball in Czech Republic was significantly increased by National League. Due to medialisation this sport was introduced to general public and is getting more and more fans and interest overall. It is also a very strong marketing tool for regional Unions and helps to increase membership base and develop university leagues as well. National DRFG Superliga also added value to Minifootball as product for existing or future partners“, added WMF and Czech AMF President, Mr. Filip Juda

All details can be found on Futbalito.