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8 january 2013

Korpen changes level in Sweden

In 2012, approximately one hundrend of Korpen´s local associations organized 7-aside minifootball. They had their own seasons and of course their own winners and even more tournaments took place in most of these associations apart from the basic ones. In Sweden, the interest in playing 7-aside minifootball is really great and there is a growing […] Tuesday 08 January 2013 15:52
19 December 2012

Presenting Minifootball in Sweden

Korpen is proud to be member of the EMF. In Sweden, Korpen is the national minifootball Association and it organizes “sport for all” since 1912; today it works as a federation with almost 370 local associations. These local associations organize different kinds of team sports and individual sports, however, minifootball and especially the 7- aside […] Wednesday 19 December 2012 15:45