The 3 most important days of the minifootball season in Greece

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02 June 2013
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Even if the GCMFA is working hard for the upcoming miniEURO, to be hosted in Greece (specifically in Rethymno, Crete) and there are only 4 months to go for this big moment, the National Finals which were held some days ago in Athens, Agios Kosmas, were once again the top Minifootball event of the country and were tremendously successful! More than 40 games were played among the 16 best Greek teams (coming from all over Greece and Cyprus) who played for the 1st place of the Championship and the 8 teams which came from various cities and played for the 1st place of the League Cup.
The championship was won for the 1st time of the history by a team of Cyprus, Katzouni (champion of Nicosia) and the 2nd place by Stefites (champion of Heraklion). Stefites is one of the most experienced teams that participated in these Finals, as they had participated in the past in 3 National Finals (2008, 2009 and 2010) and they have already won the Trophy once, in 2010.
During the next days, will host one tribute to the big final and the big Fiesta organized by the GCMFA, but now let’s see what happened during the 3-day Finals and the rest of the teams that participated..
One of the biggest surprises was the fact in the 1st round of the Finals, Amigos, who were the Champions in 2011 and 2012, lost their match vs Larissa City and nobody could believe that the big favorite of the tournament was out of the quarterfinals. It also worth noting that the champion team of Volos, Dilos, managed to win in the 1st 2 rounds and reach the semi-finals for the first time of the history of the city. Also, Kyriakos Ioannou FC, champion of Thessaloniki managed to reach the semi-finals and finally won the bronze medal, but the most important piece of news about this team is the fact that they won the Fair Play Prize. The reason for the reward, was the fact that halfway through the season , one of the team’s
players, called Kyriakos Ioannou unexpectedly lost his life and his teammates decided to change the name of the team from Mini Warriors FC to Kyriakos Ioannou FC.




The final classification of the teams of the Panhellenic Championship is the following :

Champions: Katzouni (Nicossia)
2nd place: Stefites (Heraklion)
3rd place: Kyriakos Ioannou FC (Thessaloniki)
4th place: Dilos (Volos)
5th place: Larissa City (Thessaloniki)
6th place: Ramrod II (Athens)
7th place: Selesao (Chalkida)
8th place: Los Colobareiros (Athens)
9th place: Amigos (Athens)
10th place: Taroussa (Patra)
11th place: Pistolia (Ioannina)
12th place: Drink Team (Chalkida)
13th place: Gennitsaroi (Athens)
14th place: Polymetochikos (Rethymno)
15th place: Apple Bar (Rethymno)
16th place: Just Cavali (Heraklion)

Concerning the League Cup, the level was higher than the previous years and is it worth noting that the team that won the Cup, Passage FC from Chalkida was almost at the same level as some teams of the Championship. Adistakti and Moschato Club from Athens were the other 2 teams that played really well and reached the to 3 places of the League Cup. The League Cup is an institution that gives the opportunity to all those teams which have been eliminated from the Groups Phase, to try to reach at the top of the 2nd category in dynamics Trophy. Some times, there are teams that are really strong and this is what happened this year.

The final classification of the teams of the Panhellenic League Cup is the following:

1st place: Passage FC (Chalkida)
2nd place: Adistakti (Athens)
3rd place: Moschato Club (Athens)
4th place: Santos Laguna Campeone (Nicossia)
5th place: K-39 (Thessaloniki)
6th place: Nyxterides (Heraklion)
7th place: Havalencia (Athens)
8th place: Biology (Patra)