The future of Cypriot minifootball is being planned now!

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17 February 2013
Cyprus Cyprus   

Cypriot minifootball is soon going to change era and this is part of a broader plan of the GCMFA. In the middle of this week GCMFA is going to present its new website and head managers of the Cypriot part of the GCMFA are ready to follow the steps of the planned strategy. At least 8 fields are going to be certified by the Association and they are going to connect their sports facilities into a continuous network. The 8 sport facilities will become twelve during the next 12 months, but this is only the next step. The choice of the sport facilities will take place with great care because there are many of them on the island and the administrators want to be sure that only those which are state-of-the-art are going to become part of it.
It shouldn’t be left unmentioned that UNI-League will remain the national Championship in 2013 but it is a different story. When the national network of the certified sport facilities will be ready to operate, then UNI-League will become the top Affiliated Championship to the GCMFA and its position of the national championship will be taken by the National Cypriot Minifootball Championship. So, the target is that a new championship will be created, but until then, the UNI-League will be the most important “player” of the country. This strategic step is not opposing the people who are involved in the UNI-League development, as these people are the same who will implement the new plan. Actually they strongly believe that the new network will give even more power to the UNI-League and will open new roads to its future, including even more players, more sports facilities and even more attention from the country’s mass media . Actually, being the top affiliated Championship of the GCMFA in Cyrpus is great responsibility on national and international level and its best players will have the opportunity to be chosen in the National Team , equally as playing in the National Cypriot Minifootball Championship.