These are the 1st ever Cypriots who won the Panhellenic Trophy

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03 June 2013
Cyprus Cyprus   

Words cannot express what happened just a few days ago in the Panhellenic Finals.Only respect for the 1st team of Cyprus that manages to reach the top of the top. Katzouni, the champion team from Nicosia didn’t find many problems in Cyprus on its way to the national Trophy. The Final 4 of Cyprus was a successful organization with the participation of 3 teams from Nicosia and 1 from Larnaca, but actually, Agios Dometios and Orange (the other 2 nicossian teams) could not do more thigs than what they did.

All the previous years, the Cypriot Champions was hosted by the GCMFA in Athens for the Panhellenic Finals, but the best place that a Cypriot team had ever managed to win was the 4th and it happened in 2009. Katzouni entered the Hall of Fame of Cypriot Minifootball by being the 1st ever Cypriot team which becomes the Panhellenic Champion. The players of the team could not believe what happened.

They won 4 games in the Panhellenic Finals and the last game was vs Stefites, one of the greatest Greek teams, coming from Heraklion, Crete. The captain of the team, Panikos Efthymiades who scored 2 goals in the final, said to the journalists after the end of the event: “It was a dream for us. We worked as a family all together for the last months in Cyprus and now here are the results. I am extremely happy and proud of my teammates that this time we managed to reach at the top of the Finals. 2 years ago our team had represented Cyprus again, but now things changed and we are all so happy”. One of the journalists asked him them: “When you play at this level and you live this great atmosphere, do you feel like professionals?” And the answer of the captain… “I said to my teammates when our team was presented to the audience, that this N’JOY UNI-League Finals are the Champions League for us! We felt like playing in front of 80.000 spectators… It was fantastic.”

MVP of the Panhellinc Finals was Costas Kouloumbris, but the captain Panikos Efthymiades and the goalkeeper Kyriakos Alexandrou played a perfect game for their team and they helped a lot. The rest of the players were George Economides, Chrysostomos Kalos, Evgenios Antoniou, Antreas Kalos, Giannos Stylianou, Gregory Gregoriou and of course the big star of the team Costas Polyviou.Theywere all amazing!