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Tactics in minifootball

While most minifootball games are generally won by the team with better physical preparation and the teams with the best technical skills, improving your team tactics is one of the best ways to increase your chances of winning the game.
In a game where both teams’ ability is identical, the more tactically prepared team will always win. There are different styles of play and formations that could be used in minifootball game:

1) Styles of play
Total Style – in this style, a rotational system is used between attack and defence. The players constantly move to find open space and create opportunities for pass. This style requires very good physical condition and is appropriate when the opponent team is very good in man to man marking.

Possession Style – in this style the team maintains ball possssion and continues to pass it between players until a good opportunity for attack is created. Appropriate for technical players. Requires lower fitness level compared to other styles.

Pressure Style – in this style the team tries to win the ball as quickly and as close to the opposition’s goal as possible by applying intensive pressure on any opponent with the ball. Appropriate for teams with good attacking ability and against a weaker opponent.

Counterattack – in this style the team tries to create attacking opportunities from a strong defensive base. Allow your opposition to come in your half of the pitch then work to regain possession quickly. Immediately make a pass forward into uncovered space. At the moment of passing, one or two players quickly rush forward in support. This style is appropriate against stronger opponents with good attacking ability.

Of course during the game a team could switch between these styles in order to achieve its objectives.

2) Formations
The formation describes how the players in a team are positioned on the pitch. Different formations allow the team to focus more on attacking or defending part of the game. Usually in amateur minifootball tactical discipline is not strictly kept because the players focus more on the pleasure and recreation. However when participating in strong tournaments like miniEURO the tactical skills and discipline are required for each team that wants to achieve good performance.
Below the most popular formations used in minifootball are listed :

Formation 2-1-2
This formation consists of goalkeeper, 2 defenders, 1 midfielder and 2 forwards. Midfielder must help both in defense and attack, so this should be a person with good stamina. The two defenders sit at the back and usually do not cross the center line. The two forwards must have very good ball control when running. Forwards also play a very important part in defending, since they must defend from the front.

Formation 2-2-1
This formation consists of goalkeeper, 2 defenders, 2 central players and 1 forward. It focuses more attention on defending, but central players must move a lot and participate also in attacking phase.

Formation 2-3
This formation consists of goalkeeper, 2 defenders and 3 forwards in the front. It is appropriate against weaker opponent that has not so good attacking ability. Preferred from teams focusing on attacking phase.

Formation 3-2
This formation consists of goalkeeper, 3 defenders and 2 forwards on the front. It is appropriate against a strong opponent that has good attacking ability.

Formation 1-2-2
This formation consists of goalkeeper, 1 defender, 2 central players and 2 forwards in the front.

Deciding the best formation for a game depends on the players abilities and opponent strong sides. It could be also changed during the game depending on the team performance and players stamina level.