Walking In A Reveland Wonderland

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23 December 2015

Zoltán Reveland will take the Hungarian minifootball national team helm from now, the 35-year-old having previously served the Hungarian national futsal team as a player.

Reveland has agreed a 10-month contract with the National Minifootball Association’s president Dávid Tibor. The goalkeeper, who made 27 appearances for the national futsal team, serving at the moment in Dunaferr DF Renalpin FC as a player in the futsal first league.

The first debut of the new coach will take place on the 1st Christmas Cup Hungary on 27th of December. That will be the first occasion when the host nation’s spectators can meet with not only the new trainer but the national team as well.

The cup is the part of a traditional 4 days minifootball tournament in Székesfehérvár, where more than fourty football teams are playing from all ages. Besides football, the organizers make different sport activities and other programms for children and for adults as well.

The participating teams of the 1st Christmas Cup Hungary are Slovakia, Slovenia and the hosting country Hungary.