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09 December 2015

Klaudiusz Hirsch, coach of Poland National Minifootball Team, feels disappointed and satisfied at the same time. He believes that Poland could had done better in Croatia, but the prospects for next Euro Mini are doubtlessly bright.

In the beginning lets come back to these dramatic last minutes of quarterfinals. Poland is winning 2:0 against Bosnia, it seems that everything is under control, and then… the team concedes two goals and loses the match in penalties. How can you explain that?

Klaudiusz Hirsch: Well… I suppose that the goalkeeper’s involment in attacking play surprised us and we were not able to react in an apt way. We lacked distance between our defence lines and Bosnia’s players could find gaps in our defense. The second thing is our finishing – we had our chances to score the third goal, but we didn’t succeed to achieve it. We had a huge chance to play in semifinals, but we couldn’t take it.

The quarterfinal stage is a better result than the last one, when the team played in Montenegro. Do you conceive it as a success, or a failure?

It’s difficult to be satisfied, if we were a better team in the quarterfinal match, but then we lost our concentration and consequently lost the match. We were a dominating side in this match and it hurts us, that we didn’t manage to win it. Nevertheless, I can see a lot of postive points in the way we played in Croatia.

Can you elaborate on those positive points…?

I dare to say, that it was the first time we played actual minifootball on miniEuro. We played significantly better than in last two tournaments. Watching our matches was really enjoyable this time, and we have to be proud of that. I’ve got several football diamonds in my team and I’m curious what would happen, if we had a chance to spend few days more together before the miniEuro. Maybe it will be possible next year, and then… we shall bring a medal from Hungary